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Kinesiology Courses Melbourne Adelaide Perth Sydney Brisbane Australia

Quite often people have heard about kinesiology but are not always sure what it entails. So of course The Health Arts College is looking to address the issue and give you the most relevant advice on the issue.
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Kinesiology is most clearly defined as the use of muscle testing to help identify imbalances in the body’s chemical, emotional, structural or other energy, this helps to establish the body’s priority healing needs.
‘It is considered the most comprehensive and holistic of modern natural therapies as it includes and combines the wisdom found in both western and eastern traditions.’
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Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the fields of physiology and anatomy.
Kinesiology enables people to detect and correct various imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, minor injuries and other issues met in daily life.
The benefits of being trained in Kinesiology are many, it can help to enhance learning in adults and children and may even boost sports performance, giving that added edge in competition.
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It should not always be associated with dealing with ailments either. Having balanced energy can lead a person much closer to achieving their life goals, whether that be in sport, relationships, or coping with life in general.
Kinesiology is non-invasive and provides valuable feedback to help a person reduce stress and pain, improve mental performance, improve relationships and promotes health and well being.
It’s great for anyone of any age to study and we happen to offer some really great courses through The Health Arts Colleges various campuses  to become an accredited practitioner.
If you’re interested in doing a course on Kinesiology or just want to learn a little more, please feel free to contact us 🙂
1300 658 326

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Beauty Therapy Courses Melbourne Adelaide Perth Sydney Brisbane Australia

Today we’re having a quick look at the Beauty Therapy courses run by the Health Arts College. For those who are not entirely aware of what a Beauty Therapist is, they are trained as beauticians, body therapists and electrolysists all in the one neat little package and are in one of the fastest growing sectors in the Australian job market!

Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapists are amongst the fastest growing professions in Australia!

‘A diploma of beauty therapy is probably the most sought after beauty qualification available as it gives the applicant a wide variety of skills which can be applied to many different scenarios.’

Treatments are designed to improve skin care and the skins condition and includes a range of electrotherapy treatments for face and body. Because of the nature of the work it is assumed most Beauty Therapists are naturally caring, tactful and intelligent people, and importantly they are also trained to know when it is best to refer their clients to a doctor.
Getting a Diploma in Beauty Therapy is a very forward step in making it in the beauty industry and securing a career which you can feel yourself grow and prosper in.
Due to a growing interest in feeling fit and healthy there has been a growth in job positions for Beauty Therapists. There is also a rapid turnover in job opportunities, making it possible to reach a supervisory or management related role within 2-3 years of qualifying.
There is no specific age which is best to become a Beauty Therapist, entrants are usually anything from 17 years old and upwards while some still prefer the experience and intuitiveness brought to the table by an older professional.

People of all ages are welcome in the industry.

Private schools such as The Health Arts College are often some of the best proving grounds for someone wanting to enter the field of beauty therapy as there are a wider variety of students to learn with and also there is generally a smaller student to teacher ratio, meaning the classes are more intensive and have more one on one time with the person teaching the course. This enables our students to gain a very high standard of expertise and professionalism.
If you’re looking to join a rapidly growing profession with real growth opportunities, The Health Arts College is recognised as an excellent training provider that turns out qualified beauty therapists with an exceptional standard of professionalism.
Also if you live in Victoria you may be eligible for VET Fee-Help which could entitle you to receive the entire funding for your course!
Courses are available nationwide and if you’d like to find out more, give us a call on 1300 658 326
or visit our website

Kinesiology Courses Melbourne Sydney Australia Brisbane

We here at The Health Arts College pride ourselves on offering Kinesiology courses which are carefully designed to equip people with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to practice as a Kinesiologist and be nationally recognised within Australia.

An Introduction to Essential Kinesiology – Touch for Health 1 (TFH 1) provides techniques to balance the 14 muscle/meridian/organ relationship – for improved postural balance and improved health and performance. This course provides practical everyday applications of Touch for Health Kinesiology for increased wellbeing on all levels and begins your training for Certificate IV in Kinesiology should you choose.

Certificate IV in Kinesiology lays down the foundations for you to practice as a Kinesiologist. This training includes over 100 hours of human anatomy and physiology and more than 260 hours of practical experience skills. Also included are other essential skills for the Kinesiology practitioner including communication, business and first aid.

Flowing on from the Certificate IV course is the Diploma in Kinesiology.  Victorian Government student funding is now available for this course, so now is the perfect time to equip yourself with with additional tools and higher level of knowledge and skills.

If you are already a practicing Kinesiologist it may be time for you to consider our Kinesiology Practitioner Upgrade.

Other courses include our Touch for Health workshops, Brain Integration, Wellness Kinesiology workshops, Rhythmic Movement training, Neural Organisation techniques, Herbs for Kinesiologists, Weight Management and Nutrition for Kinesiologists, and more.

Kinesiologists On Twitter: Locally & Around the World:

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Study Kinesiology Courses Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth Adelaide Hong Kong

Aromatherapy – to scents for health

In many a layperson’s eyes, aromatherapy is simply the use of scent to change or enhance one’s moods. Quite like smelling coffee that perks you up, it readily impresses the mind that it is coffee and almost certainly gives the same effect as if one has consumed it. But there’s more to it than that.

Aromatherapy is a science in a branch of complementary medicine that comprises a regimen of inhaling or diffusing essential oils or pure essences from plants. These essences can be from a flower, fruit, bark, root or sAromatherapy Sydney Australia Melbourne Aromatherapists Essential Oils Brisbaneeed. They stimulate the olfactory nerves and send signals to the brain and nervous system which induce the body to relax, change moods and even in some cases to improve overall health. It can also be massaged directly or added to bathwater to be absorbed by the skin. Evidence that early civilisations have used the powerful attributes of these scents can be best exemplified with Cleopatra and her use of roses – dramatic and effective. These essential oils have been used centuries ago to heal wounds and alleviate pain but mostly these essences were used sparingly, as it was primarily offered and used to please gods. Even the ‘father of medicine’, Hippocrates was referenced as saying that an aromatic bath and scented massage is the way to health.

With the rise of the Catholic church and Christian beliefs, these practices were considered heathen and contrary to their teachings – so aromatherapy and other natural therapies barely survived underground – yet nevertheless managed to be refined and innovated as they spread throughout the world slowly regaining the recognition in aiding and promoting the general well-being of humankind.

The Health Arts College is a place for practitioner training in the art of healthful living offering a wide range of accredited courses for health and a range of complementary therapies including Aromatherapy that harness the power and potential of essential oils – in various degree of specialisation that appeals to your schedule and learning inclination.

Study Aromatherapy Courses Sydney Australia Perth Adelaide Melbourne Aromatherapists

Courses offered include:

Introduction to Essential Aromatherapy

Certificate 4 in Aromatherapy

Diploma of Aromatherapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)

Aromatherapists Sydney Australia Aromatherapy Essential Oil Companies

THA College is now running Kinesiology Courses / Aromatherapy Courses / Remedial Massage Courses across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide: ring the THA College team on 1300 658 326 (local call outside Melbourne) or (03) 9898 0243.

Below are some aromatherapists you can reach in the twitterverse:

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Best Philosophy Quotes on Twitter

Ever had that moment on twitter when you just don’t know what to tweet?

To help you past those blank moments and get back to creating some more twitter white noise, albeit of a spiritual nature, here’s our growing list of the best quote source tweeps:

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Best Health Gurus on Twitter

Ultimate Health Gurus on Twitter

Health practitioners are usually late adopters of technology so it’s not surprising to discover a relative lack of health experts on Twitter. All the more reason to bring a decent list together so that twitterers looking for the latest slice of global health news about diabetes, cancer, heart disease or minor conditions can follow the people on this list.

At this stage I’ll be taking a holistic approach – so will be including mainstream medicine as well as natural medicine. If you want to recommend a twitter account for this list feel free to DM or email me via the details at the end of this list – I’m very keen to add more tweeps but do reserve the right to reject unethical sources.

Likewise if there’s a twitter profile that you have discovered to be unethical, spreading disinformation, or blatantly commercial, then please let me know and I’ll take on board what you have to say and if your views are borne out, I’ll remove them.

This list will be fraught with controversies and naturally enough should be used for general knowledge – if you have a health disorder see your doctor asap!














To recommend a twitter profile – or your own profile – for this list email Stewart Dawes: or mention or DM me via @seotherapy

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